Country Head Stories — Ardo Mardisoo, Estonia

Our Onboarding Director, Ardo, shares his thoughts on why he thinks Funderbeam is the future.

In the two-plus years, we have been operating our investment and trading platform, I’ve been often asked, “What makes Funderbeam special? What makes it different from tens of other platforms that connect investors with startups or growth companies?”

To answer that, I gathered some feedback from our community of investors and companies:

  • Access to pre-qualified investors and deal-flow.
  • We have a trusted community of global investors.
  • Liquidity. Being able to sell your investment before the exit is something that most of the early investors have waited a long time for. This has been validated by active trading on Funderbeam; with more than 11% of funds raised having been traded.
  • Transparency of investment. Getting periodic reports and updates is something that our platform investors value and highlight as a key distinguishing factor.

Meanwhile, for the companies that have raised funds through Funderbeam, they prefer us because:

  • Fundraising is easier. Funderbeam does this by standardising the process and by only adding one additional member to the cap table vs. the classical fundraising where all the investors “crowd-up” the cap table.
  • Our international investor base offers great potential as a marketing network for future international growth.
  • We offer early-stage companies the transparency that investors value and enable more realistic follow-up fundraising rounds.

Investing in early-stage and growth companies puts your capital at risk. Please read our Risk Disclosure Statement.



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